My Reaction to Some Guy’s Reaction To Raven-Symone’s Coming Out




I was reading a HuffPost thread about reactions to Raven-Symone’s coming out, and this comment in particular really pissed me off, so I’m going to have a nice old rant.



‘She could have kept it to herself’-
Yeah, she could have. But do you know what, we need celebrities to come out so we have role models, so we know that it’s okay to be gay, so we know we’re not alone.

‘No one broadcasts that they are straight’-
Yeah, BECAUSE YOU DON’T FUCKING HAVE TO, IT IS ASSUMED. Straight people don’t ever have to come out, and be thankful for that because for some people coming out is so horribly distressing. We don’t just do it once, to our friends and family, we have to do it every time we meet new people. We have to either come out, or let them realise it on their own and dread a change in attitude, a change in the way they talk to you, a change in their body language. 

‘It’s stupid the way homosexuals have to label themselves to garnish attention’ –
Yeah, because naturally LGBTQ+ people LOVE attention, we LOVE having to come out and face the negative reactions and LOVE being oppressed and LOVE being abused in the street and LOVE people like you being assholes to us. Give us some of that sweet, sweet attention and we’re good. We ‘have to label’ ourselves because if we don’t, you do it for us, and it’s usually incorrect. 

‘Not everyone is accepting of that lifestyle’-
It is not a lifestyle. IT IS NOT A LIFESTYLE. Lifestyle implies choice. Your heterosexuality is not considered a lifestyle. We don’t just wake up and think, ‘I think I’m going to try the gay lifestyle today, just to annoy everyone’. Yes, we’re very aware that some people don’t ‘accept’ it. We face that truth everyday.  

‘Keep it in the bedroom and don’t bring everyone in their to watch and this wouldn’t happen’-
So we have victim blaming and poor grammar. First of all, the old ‘keep it in the bedroom’ trope really gets to me. Since when was being LGBTQ+ all about sex. Us queers are capable of having loving relationships, just like you, you know. We don’t just fuck each other and that’s it. Yes, some of us fuck. Yes, we may fuck multiple people. But we also love.  Again, just like you. Not every LGBTQ+ person is sexual. This use of sexual language when referring to us only sets us apart from straight people, and alienates us.
This guy concludes that if Raven had kept her ‘lifestyle’ to herself then she wouldn’t be receiving hate Tweets. So it’s her own fault really. For sharing her ‘lifestyle’ with the world. What did she expect?! It’s not the fault of those tweeting #Childhoodruined and being homophobic, it’s her fault for being openly gay. 

Stop it, just stop it.  


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